the hp gym and playland partnership

What would be the point if "Houston Party" businesses don't team up together once again? You can bet there's going to be advantages for attending classes at the HP Gym when it's next door to the Playland! Stay tuned for exclusive opportunities for the kids that are members.


These are individualized classes by age groups. They will be on their own in the class, but parents are always close by.  All classes are boys and girls combined.

Mommy & Me

A unique approach to our gymnastics classes that provides the extra attention and sensitivity needed to help support the young budding gymnast with same skilled peers.

GIVE YOUR CHILD A structured weekly activity and see the joy it brings!

2-5 Yr Classes

Explore new adventures with your 12 month - 2 year olds in this class.  You will be side by side interacting with them.  Dads are also welcome, and boys and girls are combined.

Autism/SPD Classes


  • Affordable
  • Low Ratio
  • Close Parent Proximity to student
  • Playland special pricing
  • special needs classes
  • Drop in Classes Available
  • ​Private BirtHday Parties